The Little Brown Box.

"Come over here, you said you wanted to hear the brown box story." Grandpa said
"Oh please grandpa, please tell us about it."
"Ok, here we go."
So it was summer time and I hadn't seen that penny for months. I forgot about it and everything was going well. Perfect, I could say. Well, Otto and I were gonna run a race the next day and I wasn't fast like the other boys were so I needed luck. The Potato Man was hosting it and the winner would get free snacks for three weeks. I was short on cash so I had to win. I was sitting with Otto thinking of a way to try to win and Otto said, "Well, maybe we could tie the other boys' shoelaces together or put butter on the starting line. The potato man would never find out. " "No Otto, we are not going to cheat just to win. Maybe we could practice after chores. " I suggested. " Come on. You really want to spend our free time running. We need luck." Otto said to me. "That's it." I said excitedly. "Yeah, but luck just won't fall out of the sky." Otto said. "Bye Otto."

I got up and ran to my house. Not bothering to wipe my feet at the doorstep. I walked in, ran upstairs and opened a small drawer and pulled out a miniature brown box. I was just about to open it when I heard, "Wash your hands for dinner!" Without thinking I shoved the box in my pocket and went downstairs to eat.

By the time I got to the table Rosie was already there. "You're late. We're having beans and leftovers from last night." I sat down and scooped the mushy beans on my fork and dropped them onto my plate. I hate those little black beans. I decided I would finally eat them to get it over with. I almost went upstairs to my room but mother stopped me.

"What is all over your new jacket. Take it off so I can wash it." I didn't know what to do. I took it off and took my box out of the pocket. I kept it in my hand. When I was about to leave mother put more beans on my plate. "Eat your beans." I sat down and put the box on the table. When I finished mother came into the room and said, "Otto called. He wants you to come over for a minute. I have no idea why." I ran down and out the door to Otto's.

When I came back, on my walk home I realized I had left the little box on the dinner table. I started running as fast as I possibly could. When I got inside the house I looked on the table. My box was not there. I looked on the floor. Not there. I looked in my chair. Not there. I looked in Rosie's chair. Not there. I looked for so long but still couldn't find it. I ran upstairs to my room. I looked everywhere. Maybe mother didn't want it on the table so she put it up here. It was nowhere to be seen. I asked mother. She had no idea what I was talking about.

Everywhere I looked I could not find it. I decided to sit down and think for a while. I thought and thought and thought. Where could it be? I said to just myself. I remembered when I took it out of my pocket. I was the only one at the table other than Rosie. Rosie. That's it, I thought. Rosie must of took it. Who else would have?

I went upstairs and knocked on Rosie's door.
"Rosie, its Mom! Please let me in" I said sweetly.

"Oh really Mom! What do you need? Because all of my laundry is done. I washed the dishes and fed the pets. I even watered the plants. There is nothing else for me to do." Rosie replied, as sweet as Rosie can be.

"Um um, you need to take a bath. Hop in the tub!"

I ran back to my room. I know my plan will work! I thought to myself.
When I heard the bathroom door close, I ran into Rosie's room. "Wow! I can't believe she thought I was Mom. She's so clueless!" I muttered to myself. Then I looked around and saw the box. "Yes!!!" I said.

Right when I was about to grab it a voice from behind me said,"I don't think so!"
Rosie is too smart. How did she know?
"Mommmmmmm" Rosie cried "My brother's trying to steal my things! He is in my rooooommmm" She screamed.
"Get out of your sisters room" Mom yelled back.

Before bed that night I kept trying to think of an idea to get my penny back. I was sitting on my bed when I saw a jar of coins. That's my money jar. Now all I have is a few coins. Which is why I'm doing the race. Then, all of a sudden I got an idea. The best idea.

I opened the jar and pulled out a penny. Not any lucky penny, just a penny. If I take the brown box, she will know. If I replace it, she won't. I ran into my mothers room and got a small brown box that used to hold a necklace. I made it look like the other one and filled it with things like the things in MY box. "This plan will work." I said quietly to myself.

And it did. When Rosie went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, I swapped the boxes. It only took me a second so she didn't notice. I hid my box on the top of a shelf she couldn't reach.
But, before I went to bed I put MY lucky penny under my pillow for luck. Then, I fell asleep.

My penny really is lucky! I won the race and I didn't cheat.